logo-mocaDesire, passion, innovation: that is the business philosophy of MO.CA SpA, a company with over 60 years of experience, founded in Morciano di Romagna in a small home workshop.

Semi-finished products, raw materials, technology, furniture, machinery, equipment and systems for ice cream parlors, pastry shops, bakeries, industrial kitchens: this is the eclectic world of products and services that MO.CA is able to offer to the industry.

A careful selection of manufacturers and a broad diversification of products, MO.CA combines fast service, attention to detail and craftsmanship, the same values that has defined the company from its inception in 1952 by Vittorio Morotti.


logo-deliziaAmong the many products supplied by MO.CA is Delizia, a complete brand that reflects the criteria of quality, authenticity and taste, integrating perfectly with the needs of the gelato maker, the pastry chef, the baker and cook.



The experience gained by MO.CA in production and equipment allows us to offer a reliable supply from the leading companies in their respective sectors (including advice in the choice of equipment, maintenance equipment and laboratory equipment). This highlights the relevance of corporate MO.CA Machinery, which offers integrated consulting on the design solutions and functional layout for the step by step creation of laboratories and local businesses.



In 2008 Wandy & CO. was created, a business dedicated exclusively to window dressing, gifts, the art of decorating, packaging and presenting products. With a dedicated showroom open to the public, the business specialises in equipment, home decorations, gift items, superior furnishings, wedding favours and ideas for wedding ceremonies and receptions.



logo-aidaLast but not least, there is the opportunity for highly qualified training with the School AIDA – “Sweet Art Italian Academy”.

Founded in 2008, A.I.D.A. meets the needs for training, refresher courses and specialisation in the sectors of bakery, pastry, gelato, gastronomy and the packaging of products, with a careful look at industry developments and trends, using the teaching of the Grand Masters on a national and international level.



In response to an increasing interest in the world of the organic product, BIO BIO was created in 2012, the formulation of a certified organic gelato by MO.CA. This revolutionary certified organic product, with its innovative and functional design, eco-friendly packaging and accessories, was created and inspired by a philosophy in which gelato can become synonymous with a rich quality of life.